Aichi Targets

Target 2

Biodiversity values integrated


AMS have well-integrated biodiversity values in their national and local development plans and poverty reduction strategies, at varying degrees. Based on the 6NRs, six AMS reported that they are on track toward achieving this Aichi Target while the rest are progressing at an insufficient rate.

Most AMS recognise ecosystem service values associated with agriculture, forestry, fishing, pharmacology, and tourism to be equivalent to billions of dollars. Given their tremendous
values, ecosystem services fuel the engine of economic growth in the region.

The region is actively mainstreaming biodiversity at various levels of implementation and
governance, from national policies down to the project level. Some policy instruments relate
to economic growth and consider ecosystem services, poverty reduction, and development in
the context of sustainability and responsible management. All AMS reported of productively
decentralising national biodiversity plans to subnational, community, and sectoral levels, thus,
bringing conservation initiatives closer to target stakeholders.

The AMS are in various stages of adopting land-use plans and reviewing national frameworks
and policies, and international treaties to consider necessary alignments. At least two AMS
have moved towards natural capital accounting and an AMS is implementing a system of
environmental economic accounting.

Some AMS have mobilised efforts to raise the awareness of legislators about biodiversity,
engage the public and businesses in collaborative planning, and integrate biodiversity in
the educational system. Stakeholders’ training on the importance of biodiversity values and
alternative livelihoods, including or particularly focused on those living in association with
protected areas, is a continuing pursuit.

Regional progress

Most AMS are progressing towards this target but at a very moderate rate. Biodiversity mainstreaming is imperative, as the attainment of the other Aichi Targets rely on the achievements of this particular target.

Aichi Target 2 




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